I am a Merchant –
Merchant of Paintings – real and
Today I am with the Painting
Of Monalisa – with a reddish smile
Dubious for many
But not for me
I have paintings of
Gandhi, Lincoln and
Osama bin Laden
I have paintings of old God and
Mighty Satan and also his
Innocent beautiful-ugly son
I have paintings of seabirds and wild
Animals, trees and flowers, hunting dogs
And lovely sharks on the walls of my
Rented shop
I have paintings of Hollywood heroes
And Bollywood villains
I know you love the paintings of wild ocean,
The painting of Tsunami is also with me
I have paintings of Saints and religious places
But I keep them in the trunk
As nobody is interested in buying them

I am a Merchant –
Merchant of Paintings – real and

There is special offer for you
If you purchase the painting of Gandhi and Lincoln,
You will get the portrait of Osama for free
If you want to purchase the portrait of old God,
You will get the portrait of Satan’s son free of cost
If you opt for three Hollywood heroes
Three Bollywood villains you may get as gift
The portrait of Tsunami is very costly
The painting of a child with the pebble like eyes
And pencil like legs is the best seller,
Another important instruction for you is that all the
Paintings are made on human flesh and
With the brush made of human hair
And instead of paint we used the blood which our govt.
Gathered from the roads
To make the paintings look real
Due to heavy rush Sale is open for Sunday only!

Deepak Chaswal

If you have any comments on this poem,
Deepak Chaswal would be pleased to hear them.