Unintended Consequences
Based on a news report:
Fossilized eyes reveal a predator's sharp vision:
515 million-year-old shrimplike beast with compound eyes just discovered


Beach pebble crevices
billions of years ago
hardly seemed worth cleaning
to save a microscope the trouble
of differentiating
between animal and mineral.

A few latterly years of breathless
excitement came to those naming
the staunch little cells
so they were a contribution after all.

Within a half billion years
the fossils had white cells grouped
and the infinitesimal blacks
now appear as lenses
in the designated eye.
A marvel of reconstruction
in the use of cells
in the analysis of their function.

If I left unwashed dishes
on the sink a few billion years
from now would that fossil of a sink
be seen as undone
by a dirty cup and saucer?

L. Fullington

If you have any comments on this poem,  L. Fullington  would be pleased to hear them.