Salvator Rosa’s Philosophy

Salvator Rosa

Ah, Signor, what a curious facade

your palette paints, in sombre tones exhumed
from deep within Vesuvius’ shade.

Your chiaroscuro brow, although esteemed
by melancholy eyes, sits ill at ease
with dicta as austere as you have framed.

Such words should be a maxim for our days,
not hidden behind glass while others tell
us everything, yet nothing that is wise.

Forget the flattery of marble halls
that keep you safe for their proper delight,
but fear to put your charms on open trial.

To fill the void, I’d promise you the street
in which to give your principles full rein;
your cherished silence made a perfect state.

Aaron Robertson

If you have any comments on this poem,  Aaron Robertson would be pleased to hear them.