The South Shaw

a raccent’s weehd. Ya brotha’s weehd. A you weehd?
Ya rolda brotha’s wicked fuckin weehd.

Yaw from heah? Ya don’t sound like yaw from heah.
Ya brotha’s fuckin retahded. Ya brotha’s queea.

I heud ya wicked smaht. A you a lezzie?
I heud ya rinta aht an shit. A you a druggie?

Somebody told me yaw ra haw. A you a haw?
What a ya lookin at me like that faw?

Ya don’t hafta get mad. Wheah’s ya sense a yuma?
Ya rotha brotha, he’s awright. He’s pissa.

South Shore

Rose Kelleher

If you have any comments on this poem, Rose Kelleher  would be pleased to hear them.