‘Tiswas’ Villanelle


‘Tiswas’ was TV gone anarcho-punk;

Slapdash and spiteful and really quite rude.
‘Swap Shop’ was boring, establishment junk,
Aimed, so it seemed, at the nun or the monk;
Unconfrontational in attitude.
‘Tiswas’ was TV gone anarcho-punk.

The other side’s show, in comparison, stunk.
Study the facts and you can’t but conclude
‘Swap Shop’ was boring, establishment junk.

Whereas Chris Tarrant would glory in gunk,
Edmonds was craven and custard eschewed.
‘Tiswas’ was TV gone anarcho-punk;

No kids’ show since has had half as much spunk.
That’s why I sat there in front of it, glued.
‘Swap Shop’ was boring establishment junk. 

Just like the things you have eaten and drunk
Telly helps form you: you are what you’ve viewed.
‘Tiswas’ was TV gone anarcho-punk,
‘Swap Shop’ was boring establishment junk. 


Rob Stuart

If you have any comments on this poem,  Rob Stuart would be pleased to hear them.