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Making the Male Die

There are various ways of doing this; many firms adopt the blotting method, which is most likely to provide a satisfactory finish and avoid overloading.

Depending upon the depth of the female, this operation may have to be repeated two or three times while the compound is setting, with the light embossing process.  When setting is completed, pressure must not of course be increased further.  Allow the male to dry until it can still just be cut by the trimming knife; slightly trim the edges.  Finally, dust the male with French chalk.  For small runs there is no reason why work should not begin about an hour later, but in general it is better to prepare the male in this manner in the evening, so that work may start the next morning, after overnight drying.

Male dies with very fine detail – even if in small areas only.

Found by Loring Wirbel.

Source: Hints for the Heidelburg Pressman (1974 edition), p. 67-71.

Loring Wirbel ( worked with printing presses for many years, accumulating the benzenes in the inks and cleaning solutions to match his PBBs acquired from drinking milk in Michigan as a child in the early 1970s.