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Giraffes are more devious
than you might think


The Humr tribe of the Baggara Arabs, living in southwest Kurdofan , Sudan , is devoted to hunting elephants and, above all, giraffes. After having killed a giraffe, they prepare a visionary beverage known as umm nyolokh, employing both the liver and the bone marrow of the animal. It seems the aim of their hunting is precisely the preparation of this beverage and not to procure food.

Drinking the beverage is supposed to cause a true obsession with giraffes. Its effects are characterized by drunkenness and the induction of dreams in which giraffes explain where more real giraffes might be found and hunted for a new preparation of the same beverage, in order to give more hallucinations with the same content.

Thus those who drink umm nyolokh just once spend the rest of their lives hunting giraffes.

Found by Dan Raphael.

Source: book on entheogens, title now forgotten.

Since there can be a fine line between vision and hallucination, Dan Raphael ( reads about brain functions & chemistry.