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Sex & Nudity, Violence & Gore

Sex & Nudity

A male muppet and a female muppet are caught kissing as theater lights come on; they stop immediately.

A female muppet kisses a male muppet.

A male muppet kisses a chicken muppet.

A muppet tells an audience that he is going to imagine them naked.

Violence & Gore

A muppet asks a man to throw him over a fence.

Muppets attack a man, wrapping a rope around his torso and putting a bag over his head, a muppet karate-chops the man's neck.

A man swings and punches another man; we hear a bell sound as the man dramatically falls over.

A muppet swings his arm around, about to throw a bowling ball at the head of a man, who is tied to a chair with a bowling pin on his head.

A muppet holding a muppet chicken dramatically jumps off a building.

A muppet is sucked into a tube and comes out the other end extremely small.

A muppet pushes an explosive detonator, we see a puff of smoke and dust, the muppet's face is covered in ash and when the dust settles the muppet's face is seen carved into Mt. Rushmore.

A muppet uses a blowtorch to clean moldy food from a refrigerator.

A muppet plays the drums on the heads of four small fuzzy creatures, and they squeak "ouch."

A muppet flies through the air and slams into a cabinet; cereal pours onto his head and he stands up, unharmed.

A muppet jokingly suggests that another muppet could set a muppet on fire for entertainment.

Several muppets in a car drive erratically down a street.

Four muppets surround a man and wrap his head with a towel, the man shouts angrily when his head appears to have shrunk.


A hippy that looks like Willie Nelson sings the word "high" as a solo in a song, possibly implying drug use.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

Nothing frightening, since the film is for children.

Found by Steven Kotok. 

Source: Internet Movie Database Parents Guide for The Muppets (2011).

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