As You Walk Your Curiosity

Yesterday we walked
Outside the door
Of the house
Of our beings

And you lifted
Two leaves
From a tree
Which was there.

Finding them kind enough
You used them to caress your hair,
To kindle those moments
Assuring your entry

To me
And you
In this

In the hallway you seemed surprised
When you folded
Into the memories
Your feet made from the previous sit.

Today I cleaned away shards
Of green and brown
And I noticed your tears,
Like my tears,

Had filled vacant spaces
So now each time
I step over you
In the imagination

Of that house
Of our lives,
You having gone,
Vital now as a photograph

Bringing these words
The floorboards blink
And eau de blossome rises

In place of wax or polish,
Abandoned in favour
Of the mark of your human kindness
And untempered curiosity

As I rise and say, always say:
It is only me,
Only you,
Only us

In this, our house
Of completed

John Cornwall

If you have any comments on this poem,  John Cornwall would be pleased to hear from you.