You arrive in a vortex of keys and bags,
bits of paper spilling from your pockets,
your maelstrom mouth dripping data data
data about driving and your day until

I spatchcock a kiss, squeezed between
your lips’ soliloquies; your turbulence
curbed for one mute moment. Later,
after rain, hair marcelled and wayward,

you use a croissant to punctuate your opinions,
startling passers-by with pastry flakes
cascading like starlings, flecking your jeans,
your jacket, as you chatter and I laugh

helplessly. I buzz across you: you bumble and
I blame your fumbling footsteps (though
we both know it was me). Towels left
in undryable disarray, rugs rucked up

to trip the unwary – when and where we meet
is more litter than littoral. I follow after you,
trying to calm your chaos, tottering
and tidying and picking up your pieces

to patch you together.

Morgaine Merch Lleuad

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