I Wanted to Sneak Lightly Outside Science

'S  Electric Fence     Wanted to fly
Upside down over salt sea rock

And Himalayan ice    Wanted to avoid
Susan's orange parfums her ginger-snap
Pavlovian Sirenics and escape Earth's 

Bluesy theme song   "The Me-My-I-Myself-Mine
Caw-Caw"      Wanted a large scale tour
Of the entire physical universe
With its Charmed Quarky Photonic Forces

Its little translation boutique for Space
And Time     Wanted to see light glowing
In twelve gorgeous flavors
Without the background hum
Of human parasites   Their famous words 

There’s nothing out there except us   Nothing

John McKernan

If you have any comments on this poem,  John McKernan  would be pleased to hear from you.