It starts with eggs
sinking to the riverbed.
Each begins in sediment
aeons deep; naiads
with all they need
until the rising,
the surfacing;
emerging into a blue sky
or a wet day - wing case
shrugged free.
Winged instars
stagger into flight
over hungry mouths of trout -
wide open for the feast.
The time is ripe,
these few hours of life
become weightless; rehearsal
for the imago. Each resting
drab dun beneath a leaf’s
shade, waiting
for change, for what
they came for, moulting beige
for a spinner’s damsel patterns
and new gauze wings
for mating in.
Unburdened lightness;
stomachs filled with air,
vestigial lips to kiss
it all goodbye in one
last tantalising dance.

Two shots, one act.
At full height, love proceeds
the desire to fall; the lure,
the lake’s mirror.
This is the tale of the mayfly,
dayfly, shadfly,
beginning again.
It starts with eggs
sinking to the riverbed.

Julia Stothard

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