A Pair of Candidates

Obama Clerihew

Barack Obama
Exclaims, 'Yo mama so ugly, everybody can tell she yo mama!'
But he exclaims it sotto voce that none might hear,
A prudent man in an election year.

Romney Sonnet

Much have I prospered in the realms of gold,
And striven mightily against taxation.
My heart, toward human health and welfare cold,
Warms with compassion for the corporation.
I trounced a field of pygmy lunatics
Who vied to be our Party’s nominee.
Their wing-nut tent-revival politics
Lost to my gospel of plutocracy.
Now I must court the wing-nut vote to win,
But I’m an awkward fit with their theology.
Though we
re agreed that most sex is a sin,
They find my faith as queer as Scientology.
  I pray the wealth stockpiled to make me chief
  Can buy some semblance of their true belief.

Chris O'Carroll

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