In All Our Hearts

“Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone”
Rodgers & Hammerstein, Carousel
Recorded by Gerry and the Pacemaker
s, 1963 


(The year that JFK was shot, in a crowded cavalcade,
and Piaf, the little sparrow, street and café singer, died.)
Gerry’s song, and hope in many hearts. Dan and Reg,
Water Board, hacking through feet of tarmac,
drilling, digging, much of the day, November,
still humming the song as the van drives home.
Justin, in his hall of residence, having struggled
with his essay on the Late Romantics,
now finding Gerry’s song a big relief
as he sidles down to the bar and the juke box.
Lily though, new to the Slimline factory,
has had Gerry, radio pop, Never Walk Alone
and workroom natter, up to here, all bloody day.
Morgan, meeting his future mother-in-law,
is ladled sherry and sentiment:
You two, my darlings, will never walk alone.
Of that I’m sure.
Thinks Morgan, Moses wept.

Robert Nisbet

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