Here’s to the two blind O’s in booze
and the sole O in blackout,

the O’s in O Lord, drinking solo, and sinking so low,

the long O in lonely,
the zero in loaded, lost, and long ago.

Let’s raise a glass to glass, as clear as air,

shot through with stolen color,
its only soul the mirror of another,

so open-mouthed, it almost isn’t there.

O where O where?
Let’s drink to the little dog gone,

to Nemo in No Man’s Land,
to the pockets of the poor,

to the shadow of a ghost of a hole in an unknown omission,
to the ocean into which all rivers flow.

So much for worry, whippoorwills, and woe.

Here’s to the empty, echoing O in lovely,
two glassy Ohs in the eyes

of Marilyn Monroe,
to those whom no one ever wholly knows.

May I propose a toast to not knowing,
to not growing old,

to gold,
to not staying but going.

Rose Kelleher

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