Six Stanzons


'the Poopah Troll'

that noise my dear heard
through the open bedroom window
betrays the Poopah Troll
making his rounds (perhaps you
 can just make out his silhouette
 moonlit as he strolls about
 careful not to stamp his three-toed
 feet to avoid soiling their iridescent scales
 by stamping on what night after night
 he sets out to collect carrying in
 one three-fingered hand a bucket
 and in the other a scoop with which
 to scoop poop from lawns and meadows
 from plains and mountainsides
 without the Poopah Trolls we would
 be in it up to our necks (or higher))

now go to sleep and maybe or perchance
the Poopah Troll will stop its noise
to silently come to your open
bedroom window and leaning inside
with a sweet smile on his scaly face
he will leave under your sleepy pillow
a dropping of the fabled bird Roc
or some ambergris-scented unicorn manure
to make your waking in the morning
even more joyful and surprising
than it habitually tends to be

the moon is full and so is the Poopah
Troll's bucket - all is quiet now

sweet dreams sweet dreams



the southern edge
of the central massif
massif central
of France
an e-book reader
brand American
components mostly made
in China
the book being read
the subject
Tang dynasty China
the world's tendency
of going
full circle



is what it seems
to be this tired and still alive

a dead man wrote
(when still alive)
that to be just as miserable as one
pleases to be
is one's right
it isn't it might
maybe be just an inheritance
an inherited talent
for the production of chemical messengers
the downside of whatever it is

not I
but of course I realise
that that is far from fair



you are an aesthete
she told me
whereas I am not
and so
it is plausible for you
to stay the night
that you may
see me naked
and I you
your appreciation will be more
for shape than size
and I prefer a pillar's girth
to ten-foot pole techniques
the morning will see
stubble on your face
partly obscured by luxuriant
long auburn hair
the night is young
and so am I
and you are an aesthete


'because of a summer-flu'

nearly midday
thinking up a clear sky at night
stars quietly blinking away
(as stars do)
the full moon however
swinging across the dark expanse
as if it were an activated
pendulum's weight
(as the moon does not)
earthquakes cracking the crust
of a planet caught between its rock
and its hard-placed satellite
oceans and seas whipped into
wavily wild Armageddon
scattering mountains like words
loosened by poetic liberty


'the younger sister'

as a fish breaking the surface
of a quiet lake
(twice: jumping up and plunging down)
the girl stepped out
from behind a tree
beside the path followed
one sunny summer morning walk
punctuating the tranquil rhythm of steps
with her total nakedness as much
as with her sudden appearance
her lean body appeared to show
some hair where some would be
expected but further inspection
suggested an intricate tattoo
the dark auburn lines of which
seemed seen in the wood's dim light
ever so slightly to writhe
(a side-effect of staring perhaps)
without a word or change of expression
stepped forward onto the path
she took hold of my left hand
with her right and turned my wrist
to place my hand palm forward
on the seeming tattoo and it felt
as if sprouting from its stratum and
twirling about my fingers especially
the middle one to gently force it
down a thin slide and push it up into
what could have been a girl's mouth
sucking a lollipop the farther in
the warmer and the wetter and her
body could be felt (and seen) to be
riding my left hand's middle finger
held in position by silken bonds
until suddenly convulsively my finger
in a spasm radiating up my arm as
far as the elbow ejaculated itself
into her and my released hand was
free of constraint as well as of
a middle finger the skin where
a knuckle had been smooth and not
scarred as if four fingers were
and had been my left hand's natural
endowment - no pain had accompanied
the ecstatic spasm and the girl spoke
in reaction to my baffled look

'it could be worse you know
 you could have met my elder sister
 who's into fisting'

Levi Wagenmaker
If you have any comments on these stanzons,  Levi Wagenmaker would be pleased to hear from you.