Submission Guidelines

Chain your poems to an iron chair
and beat them with a rubber hose
until they confess, then send them
our way.  We’ll salve their wounds
and give them some useful work to do.
Send up to five poems (or as many
as fit on the back of a hummingbird’s
wing). Be sure to include a brief bio –
fifty words will do – telling us about
the state of your soul, or if you don’t
have one, provide a list of your piercings
and tattoos.  A photo would be nice,
your face in the throes of passion
or an action shot (we like backflips,
cartwheels, pole vaulting – anything
athletic will work, but no team sports,
please – we’re individualists).  We like
edgy, poems that foam at the mouth, work
unafraid to dig its way to China, verse
that brings down empires but tastes like cherry pie.

Steve Klepetar

If you have any comments on this poem, Steve Klepetar  would be pleased to hear from you.