St Thomas Buys a Hairshirt.

Now, Thomas, what’s your fancy?  Mitre, cope
Or chasuble? —  Show me your suits of hair.
— We’ve boar’s head bristle, camel, horse or bear
Scratchy as cats, harsh hide of antelope
That grates you till you’re holier than the pope,
Hedgehog for fast days — No, I’d rather wear
Matting alive with crawly things that tear,
Prognosticating martyrdom, I hope. —
— This pre-fouled fabric, reeking to the sky
Will send King Henry screaming to be rid
Of noisome priest: “Hew, hack him, knights,” he’ll bid,
“Stench suffocates me, make the gobbets fly!”
— I’ll take’t: each louse-prick shall provoke a prayer
For that proud King who scorns God’s saints to spare.

Brian S. Lee

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