A Song of Ice and Lemon

The captain of the Lomond Warrior starts his spiel.
Have your passports ready, we're crossing the frontier.
Laughter.  We're cruising from low to highland.
A tourist's border, invisible anyway under water.

Ailsa the stewardess ignores him.  She's reading
A Song of Ice and Fire, Book One: A Game of Thrones.
Splayed, her thumb and forefinger hold down
clashing armies.  Her free hand twiddles her hair.

Crows flap from shoreline pines.  Ailsa hears
bowstrings shudder.  A thousand archers loose.
A foresterís chainsaw keens.  To her, a direwolf.
The bar is now open.  She pours coins into the till.

Harness jingles as knights canter into battle.
A cloud billows like a sail.  Ailsa dispenses
peanuts, Scotch and lager, reckons change.
Carries us in her caravel, princesses and kings.

William Stephenson

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