ďReading Le FigaroĒ
(after the painting by Mary Cassatt)


Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Iíll read news of scandal, brawl,
storm, and death, but I will not
turn to look at you.  Iíve got
more important things to see
than well-coiffed and ruffly me.
Iím more curious than vain,
and of course you canít explain
politics, finance, or war,
so youíre easy to ignore.
I sit in a comfy chair,
but I think, inquire, and care.
You reflect, without reflecting
on a thing.  Iím not objectingó
you look fine, youíre nicely framed;
if youíre dull, you canít be blamed.
Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
youíre irrelevant, thatís all.

Jean L. Kreiling

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