Monumental Cover-Up

Speech heckled? Opposition jeers?
    Reporters relished such a rare display
Of catcalls quickly charmed to cheers
    The lobby's boo turned literary bouquet.
Yet, when the Press rang warning bells,
    With hints a skeleton might yield its tale,
Heíd fly to country sports, long spells
    Out after pigeons on some farmerís kale.

Peace came, protected in his hide
    And tweeds, both barriers to bile and barb,
Though since the seatís incumbent died
    He's been exposed to all in different garb.

He stands bronze-clad now, turning green,
    A mark at which the spray-can might take aim
If not for, perched on him to preen,
    The town dovesí daily whitewash of his name.

Jerome Betts

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