English Channel Surfing:
caught between Celebrity Big Brother and a D-Day documentary

An actress enunciates nervousness
    before setting sail
on her journey towards Hello magazine
    we murmured goodbyes

Nothing prepares you for the screams of
    artillery fire from every side
a live crowd - it's theatre, love
    and it was deafening

A housemate mutters about plastic surgery
    before they even needed to shave
and everybody forces a laugh
    manhood was forced upon them

The presenter refers to a long road back
    from Omaha beach
to the public eye
    all you could see were the corpses

An agent has mapped out the route
    we had to hold the bridge
including exclusive media interviews
    to prevent the Panzer counter-attack

The winner promises never to forget
    a survivor will always remember
their time on the show, thanking the voters
    the brothers who lost their lives
for their support
    so we could live ours

 Michael Rush

If you have any comments on this poem, Michael Rush would be pleased to hear from you.