Reading Burns in Kirkcudbright

Reading Burns in Kirkcudbright
after an all too salubri-
ous night on the town - it's artists' now,
and not purely piss artists' now,

though even the pub our host recommended -
Don't go anywhere else he said -
showed the tradition is flourishing still,
roaring, red-faced and sociable -

I regret my over-fallow years,
my lack of a string of torrid affairs,
of hurried exits and half-dressed escapes
out of windows and down drainpipes,

the comings-together at harvest-time
in a landlords' world redeemed by rhyme
and the short but brilliant career
through the blue-stockinged ladies of Edinburgh:

I might finally have married Jean Armour
and settled down as a failing farmer,
an excise agent in dumb Dumfries
and died of rheumatic heart disease.

David Callin

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