My First Voice thinks. My Second Voice wonders why,
wonders why First Voice thinks what it is thinking.

First Voice wonders why there is a Second Voice.
Second Voice can't answer that. Doesn't really know.

First Voice sometimes thinks, am I mad? No, you are not,
says Second Voice. You are exceptional because of me.

First Voice sometimes wishes there was no Second Voice.
Second Voice asks First Voice why, what is the matter?

From what I understand, no one else has two voices
in one head, says First Voice. Second Voice answers,

We don't really know that, do we? We are in one head,
that is true, but we don't know what is in other heads.

Perhaps you are my conscience, says First Voice,
perhaps you are my guide to a perfect existence.

You know better than that, says Second Voice,
there is nothing about either of us that is perfect.

But I do know, says Second Voice, is what you know,
and I keep wondering why you think the way you do.
J.D. Heskin

If you have any comments on this poem, J. D. Heskin would be pleased to hear from you.