I am Sorry, Cricket in the Corner

I am sorry, cricket in the corner.
I am sorry, spider. Centipede
in the sink, beetle creeping
across my pillowcase, gnat

who came to drink from the well-
spring of my eye, damselfly
who touched my cheek, ant who
mounted my big toe, black fly

nibbling on my arm, moth who
sought only to fulfill a quest,
mosquito, mayfly, midge,
grasshopper and all the restó

I cannot ask forgiveness.
I can only say (to myself
because my house is empty)
I thought in my madness that

the world would be better off
without you. I did not see
your exquisite machinery,
and I became your monster,

and I am sorry.

Rick Kempa

Rick Kempa was weaned on B-grade 1950s monster movies, most memorably The Amazing Colossal Man and Them. His website is