Monster Notes


science of monsters


monsters named after classification system created by Geoffrey Saint Hilaire

“Les monstres dobles sont de trois sortes: en Y (suffixe-dyne), en X (suffixe-adelphi). et a axes parallelles (suffixe- page). Le radical designe la partre commune: par example, der-le cou dans deradelphe et ….(can’t read my handwriting here)

les monstres simples les plus connus sont les cyclops

more so so silence of monsters

a monster is an extraordinary thing

that attracts attention and so we call it to show

the sirens, cyclops , etc

they people mythology

monstrous phenomena

in the middle ages, we attributed existence of monsters to actions of demonic forces

(see rosemary’s baby)

“Fragments and amputations”

“suspended legs of rubber”

“an arm or foot protruding

from a sphere, headless

male bodies in hysterical altitude.”

arc of hysterias

“organ and mineral”

there is a repetition

a system of peace

a system of me

or a study of peace

a system of piece

nests hair refuge

first house

womb of wombs

doubleness duplicity

the heart

most violent


thoracic cage

aluidity (ease) emerges form

bones almost perishable

locus of memory

Amanda Deutch

Amanda Deutch has worked beside a Cyclops and down the street from a live freakshow.
"Monster Notes" are notes for her chapbook, B.O.S.S (Dusie Kollektiv) which can be downloaded here: