A Poet's Thoughts

Why do they always put me on near the end
why couldn't I start and go home,
or even star,
god knows I deserve it.
Look at that guy
he is asleep,
he will probably be snoring by the time I get up there
Now that would make a good poem
though what about that guy over there
He looks old enough to be dead
that would make an even better poem
and even a better headline
'Man dies at poetry reading STOP poets didn't notice STOP until they turned the lights out STOP and he didn't move STOP still no one wanted to take responsibility STOP and he was found later by the janitor STOP'
By the time I go up, most will be half dead of boredom it is that MC he has never liked me none of them do. They don't like you if you are no good,
and they don't like you if you are good, underneath they are all insecure.
I get the feeling most of these poets only come to listen to themselves
probably sit at home and practice in front of the mirrror.
I thought regular people in factories were hard enough
but these bastards would sell their own mothers to get an extra five minutes.
I have seen some of them literarly be dragged off the stage.
No these bastards are too tough for me
let them have their stage
till they all die in their chairs listening to crap poetry.

Marc Carver

If you have any comments on this poem,  Marc Carver  would be pleased to hear from you.