That City Dream

All the night vindictive rain
Has lashed and bashed my window-pane.
Twenty stories high above
A city that I do not love
I have not slept. I’ve lain disturbed
By thoughts that reason has not curbed,
Thoughts unsettlingly extreme:
That city dream: 

There’s a fatberg in the sewer,
And there’s petrol in the air,
There’s a mother in a tower block
Who’s too stoned to care.
There is vomit on the pavement;
There are rats beneath the floor;
There’s a rage for jihad boiling
In the boy next door.

The moneylenders flourish;
There are creeps in the police.
Some parents train their children
To be morbidly obese.
In front of brash and trashy shops
Young beggars whine and wheedle.
That ash-faced girl has anguished eyes
And no friend but a needle.

There’s a cockroach in the cornflakes;
There are drunkards on the streets;
There’s a vicar spends his morning
Writing homophobic tweets.
There’s explosive in a rucksack;
There’s a dogma that corrodes.
Yes, this could be the morning
When the boy next door explodes.

Dervla Ramaswamy

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