Pray for the wakeful house,
friend, and the lit window.
Marina Tsvetaeva (transl. Elaine Feinstein)

Pray for the student pulling an all-nighter,
pilled and pepped and under-prepped
Pray for the man who never sleeps
when his partner patrols the streets
Pray for the mother with screaming child,
her worn-out tread, her hands held tight
Pray for the wife with husband long-dying,
the unused pillow beside his head
Pray for the closet lovers, the night-clubbers,
the ravers, cocktailers, the drug-pushers
Pray for the fourth-time mum pondering abortion,
the habitual owl, the burglar, the night-shift worker

Pray for the vigilant, alert to what is to come,
that they may dream wisdom.

Nancy Charley

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