Learning support in Nursery Rhyme College

Jack Sprat has anorexia.
His wife’s obese, but never ill.
Humpty has  dyspraxia
and so have Jack and Jill.

They’re doing  sport, but not
with  gradients. Miss Locket
is dyslexic; she forgets a lot.
we’ll  help her find her pocket.

Contrary Mary has ODD
she’s come to study floristry
That ‘child at risk’, lives in a shoe,
is keen to learn some joinery.

Jack Horner has Aspergers.
He is comfortable  in corners.
Georgy P can’t mix with others,
has ‘inappropriate’ behaviours.

Jack  jumps over candlesticks.
He’s joining our level three
course in outdoor pursuits.
He suffers from ADHD.

The three mice have been abused
and  they’re visually impaired.
Small wonder that they’re doing
the BTEC Dip. in animal welfare.
Whatever rhyme you came from
or whatever label  you wear,
you can compose a new rhyme
when you know that people care.

Helen Kay

If you have any comments on this poem, Helen Kay would be pleased to hear from you.