Rough Guide to Poetry Gigs
at Music Fests

Thinking of applying to perform your words at any
"cool beanz" fests this year? Then get ahead of the rest
with some "cool beanz" tips, right here!
(already sharing intimacies/got history with MC ‒ job done).
Otherwise, have fun with themes such as: masturbation,
urination and menstruation ‒ make the unworldly blush;
they’ll think that’s lush. And if you don’t mind insulting
audience, under guise of crowd control; you’re on a roll!
If you too is an MC, dat can bring some swagger ‒
`got the moves like Jagger’ can bust sum rhymes wit anyfin
dat chimes, spit about grime and shit; they’ll totes love it.
Or just rock up anyway; get on the open mic, tell all that
you were there, like ‒ create your own buzz.
Note. If you are a female artist, with some integrity, over 
forty, no sycophantic following ‒ best to forget it, love...
that may irk ‒ just carry on making your own work,
on themes like inequality and try not to be too bitter.

 Susan Evans

Note: `Moves Like Jagger' refers to a song by Maroon 5

If you have any comments on this poem, Susan Evans would be pleased to hear from you.