Henry T. Holt died Friday at his home in blah blah.
Services were held at blah blah Funeral Home,
and he was interred at blah blah blah Cemetery.
Mr Holt was seventy-nine years old, unmarried,
and left no known relatives. He served in the Army
in blah blah where he won the Distinguished Service
Cross and a Purple Heart. He was released from duty
in blah blah. After coming home to blah blah, he worked
at the local dog shelter for the rest of his life. Not much
else is known about Mr Holt other than he ate supper
every evening at the blah blah Cafe. This was verified
by Ms Sheila Courtney, the waitress, who disclosed
she would miss him. Apparently, so do the shelter
dogs: blah blah and blah blah and blah blah blah.

J. D. Heskin

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