Every one has secrets. I have them. You have them.
I once walked by an itinerant man who shouted:
Thou shall not pass by me without throwing
a nickel in my cap, or I will reveal your secret.
Although momentarily taken aback, I refused
such an arrogant approach and kept on walking.
Shame to you, he yelled, Does your mother know,
and what will Rita think of you if she finds out?
Stunned, I turned and told him a lie, "I know no
Rita, and my mother is long dead. What do you
say to that?" Put a nickel in my cap and I'll tell you,
he said. "You are an old fool," I replied, "but perhaps
what you say is true and I put a nickel in your cap.
Would you tell me how you know?" Oh no, he said,
that is my secret.

J. D. Heskin

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