Simply Having a
Wonderful Christmas Time!


Itís the holiday! Time to eat dates & plates
of party foods that make you feel a bit dirty.
Get flirty with frolleagues; mistletoe on hand;
make sure that heís standing right there ‒
'the square' that still hasnít asked you out...
Do the Twist & Shout & Jump Around to
anthems through the decades: overdose on
Slade & Party Like Itís 1999. Drink too much
wine and fall out with your boss and family...
recall one time that you stayed 'home alone'
watched classic films like: It's a Wonderful Life;
felt perfectly happy; wanted no pity; could
quite easily spend another holiday 'home alone',
jim jams; not giving a damn Ė watching old
films, grazing on wholesome snacks ('cept for
choccy selection packs 'cos thatís just the law).
And no one would bore you & you would
bore no one ‒ no one need bore off! Send
loved ones tokens; avoid shops & hype; maybe
just Skype... only Ė these holiday rituals that
drive you crazy: eating dates, being a bit lazy,
enduring family for longer than you can cope,
being a bit full-on, with the 'backwards in
coming forwards' bloke, losing all hope of ever
wanting to partake in festivities again; simply
not having a wonderful Christmas time Ė
are kind of special, no?

 Susan Evans

 *Frolleague Ė friend & colleague.

If you have any comments on this festive poem,  Susan Evans would be pleased to hear from you.