Sex and Power

All boys at 14 want to kill
Some living creature, for the thrill
Of power in their head and hand
And bonding with their boyhood band.

All girls at 14 fall in love
With power shining from above –
Religious – bad boy – movie star –
She’d saddle him, ride fast and far.

Lost boys go on to crimes and wars,
Lost girls become groupies and whores –
Each puppet in a Human skin
Controlled by Chimpanzee within.

And those who live to 28
Struggle to join the rich and great.
Men, like their Dads, drive blood-red cars,
Women have babies like their Mas.

For older men girls shucked their jeans
While boys said they should stay with teens;
But as they age, they both reverse –
Men like age gaps – but women curse.

And so we go from bud to flower,
Driven by search for sex and power –
Until the petals fade and fall –
The world moves on – and we’re fuck all.

Robin Helweg-Larsen

If you have any comments on this poem, Robin Helweg-Larsen would be pleased to hear from you.