If the shoe fits …
I’d bought some shoes a size too small.
My friend was scathing: “How”, said Paul,
“Could you end up with shoes too tight?
When I buy shoes, I get it right!”
He raised his feet, and pointed smugly.
“See?” he smirked, “They fit me snugly.”
“Paul”, I said, “No doubt they’re fine,
But one’s size ten, the other’s nine.”
“Good Lord!” he muttered, “So they are.
Now, how on earth? … That’s most bizarre.”
Incredulous, I stared again.
“What’s more”, I told him, “One is plain,
The other has a stitched design.”
He took a sheepish sip of wine.
“They’re not a pair, I must admit -
But still, they’re both a perfect fit.”

Brian Allgar

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