walrus & carpenter

In the Pub with Lewis Carroll

'Twas brillig! He's a blithely cove
who brundled not of gruffish math
nor quoxxed all theor-ish like a gove
but only wordlithath.

He glired, all uffish, as he murmed
how micely teasquats made him cry,
the Jabberwork's untimely thermed,
and why pigs cannot fly.

We drainged the Drink-Me's lickerly jar
and wallowrushed to mark
the Chesil Cat's unseemly flar
and mucheon of the Snark.

He's brillig! 'Twas a frabjous eve,
The Rabbit Hole a burbling pub
for whiffly tales of unbeleeve
and other tweedlebub.

D. A. Prince

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