The Banks of Alpha

The seams of heaven found fit to burst
and fill the banks of Alpha first:
drop by drop, compounded weight
floundered across real estate.

Amidst the mix of Alpha's spew,
reptiles, birds and mammals grew:
flesh and feather, fur and fin,
emerged from Alpha's origin.

But eons later on Alpha's banks,
there came a thing not of their ranks:
unlike the others who had come before,
it was different, it was more.

Down Alpha's slope, it slowly went--
some say the thing was heaven sent--
and all the creatures who could not think
watched it stoop to take a drink.

And when it seemed to have its fill,
it turned and climbed up Alpha's hill,
then stood atop, surveyed the land,
and claimed it all like it was planned.

J.D. Heskin

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