Now I think Iíll create
some imagined boyfriends

If I hear from him once
when heís stood me up thrice

Iíll forget that lapse and instead
start looking at bouquets. My heart
will pound if his wifeís
not around. I will reminisce
those mornings afternoons
nights in a downtown
hotel, madly phoning

the concierge for cabs at 2 am, the driver
barking staccato French to some caller
in hard rain, obviously wound
in his own menage. I will not
think of the one who found me

again after his other had done Ė
found me and drunk, kissed me
once again at 2, that hour
of opposites and untruths, nor the one
who paused at each pinnacle
either by his words or a guess --
then vanished, wide air and a bird
picking around at some split
flower seeds. Empty.
By my front steps.

Rosemarie Koch

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