'six lines duality'

two birds
one stone

a football hooligan's
double slit experiment

not particularly wanted
so waived


for all those staunchly enacting
things mundane
but with at the back of their mind
that nagging worry
about a universe expanding
at an ever increasing rate

empty space (so considered)
is held to be awash
with virtual particles
existing so briefly
as to be almost inconceivable
(think of the opposite of something
 humongously boring
 in terms of femtosecond

the in and out popping particles
(you see)
avoid dimensional paradox
avoid popping up in the same tiny space
by bringing their own bits of space
before embracing and abandoning existence
the modicum of space
so briefly occupied by each
of the virtual particles
stays behind when they don't
stays behind and merges
with previously existing space-time continuum
of which little by little more and more
is made available to add
to the worries nagging the backs of minds
of all those staunchly pretending
to be wholly unconcerned
with anything beyond themselves
disregarding even


they say I'm too young
to be sitting here at the bar with you
in school they tell me that
I am occasionally experimentally minded
I suppose they'll let you buy me
a soft drink
so what would you say one should get
mixing blood and urine?

if your own
a medical examination
if not
an experience of police procedures
involving minors
or (less likely)
a bad review
in a local vampire community's
culinary gazette

'little nonsense'

the tree of unlikelihood's seeds
lacking any familiar dimensions
aren't easily cultivated
one of them with that
difficulty overcome
would sprout and grow and develop
into a full set of impossibilities
having you read these lines
after or while or even
before they got written
you being the nerdy girl
named Magdalena called Maude
for short (not Maggie for reasons
 academic enough due to one
 of your parents)
should you claim these lines
as your own and publish them
to become famous it would be
well to remember the first
three lines of this little nonsense

'writing not'

writing it knot promotes not
to a four-letter word
downsizing knot to not
promotes it not
what makes a net promotes
its knots
with k not mute
knots in Dutch denotes a bludgeon
what sense here made is moot
and virgins' knots are not
(to be mentioned)


ten breasts up in the air
not necessarily up for grabs
a single better breast
in a hand
no chicken breast
not an ostrich feather in sight
chicken breast
plucked association with goose cooked
a hot day this
ten breasts up in the air
not a hardened nipple in sight
not required for shouts of
'miracle miracle'

Levi Wagenmaker

If you have any comments on these poems, Levi Wagenmaker would be pleased to hear from you.