How to stack logs

There’s an art to it, like
building a dry stone wall.
Choose a sheltered spot
protected from the
prevailing wind,
but where the air
can circulate freely,
season the timber.
Use an old ladder
to keep the base dry.
Then start stacking,
working with the grain,
bark side upwards,
choosing logs that slot
together, interlocking
for strength. If you
grade for size, do it
laterally or all the big logs
will be at the bottom
when you need them.
Work evenly back and forth
along the stack’s length,
alternate long and short.
You’ll find the knobbly bits
and the skittery wee slivers
slip neatly into crevices,
add stability. And the robin
who follows you almost
underfoot gets the spiders.
Nothing is wasted.
As you handle each log,
respect the years
that went into its making.
A well made stack
repays the effort
with warm burning.

Romola Parish

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