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Intervals of Significance

We are waiting at Delta Airlines. 
My husband says his work project
has reached its delta.
He tells me the capital letter
means an interval of significance
that can be used to calculate area,

and its smaller brother
refers to an infinitesimal interval,
sometimes diminishing to its end
sometimes constant,
depending on the function described.

On the brink of this journey,
I wonder how the
Δ of my life
will be measured. 
When people ask what I do,
my answer is a series of 
δ s:

I tell them I teach the formula
for the area of a square: s2;
for a rectangle: lw;
for a triangle: bh;
for a circle:
for a sphere, a rhombus, a parallelogram;
and for a prism or a pyramid,
areas lateral and surface.

I can describe my life as
and in this math
there is a
Δ at the end,
or a null set.
Both answers are correct.

Elaine Mintzer

Elaine Mintzer found the secret of Geometry was stating what you see, a skill she had developed writing poems.  Her email address is, and her website is