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On Your Engagement
When two souls become one,
the universe sighs.
Itís as if two 1/2s met
that didn't know they were halves
or that they could become a whole
until they were finally together.

It is equally true that if a 3/4 met
a 1/4, together they could make a complete being of light,
or a 3/8 met a 5/8.
Even a 1/16 could be OK with a 15/16.
I mean that 1/16 really has to bring it
but it still could work.

Even a 1/2 and 5/8 could shack up
and it would work if the extra 1/8
could be accounted for by folding it
into an alternate dimension
and if that got in the way,
simply by determining half the radius
multiplied by Pi-Squared then multiplied
by the inverse speed of light through
the friction of 12 dimensional quantum level foam
one could theoretically secure
the extra soul portion by
1/r2 x Pi/x +y6th
over square root of Einstein's general theory
divided by exactly 16.2% of all dark matter
in the universe
thus, of course, giving you 9.7.

You know what I'm saying?


Scott Poole

 Scott Poole is what happens when you divide a psychologist with a school teacher then multiply it by the cultural wasteland of the 80s. Twitter: @thepoetryreport. Facebook: Scott Poole, poet.