Form to Verify Meeting was Held, Forms were Produced,
and Signatures Acquired

  1. My favorite administrator, Mr. Down, was back
  2.  in my dream
  3. shirt starched
  4.  tie tight
  5. head brown and shiny
  6. and angry at me in his office unannounced
  7. and at the crumpled papers I asked him to sign.
  8. They had been in Mrs. Hines’ purse.
  9. Explanation of misplaced papers: Mrs. Hines overturned her purse, papers spilled out, and mine got mixed in when we stuffed them back in.
  10. He also didn't like the urine samples on his desk.
  11. “Why urine samples?” he whined and squinted his eyes and threw his head back.
  12. Because (of course) a student must provide a sample upon both entrance and exit from the program.
  13. There’s an idea.
  14. And there was a nice older lady there too.
  15. Older than I thought, I discovered
  16. from the blanks I asked her to fill
  17. for my favorite administrator to sign,
  18. and I wondered how she remained such a Miss
  19. in a job like this.

Signature of Administrator X_______________________________

Laura Johnson

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Laura Johnson would be pleased to hear them.