Knowing You
Enders Game
Knowing you is like reading Enderís Game Ė
so exciting I canít wait to know more.
For you I would utter Voldemortís name,
or throw my body in the pit of Mordor.
If they told me you were a replicant
it would make no difference to my love Ė
even if I had to make argument 
with Ursula LeGuin or Isaac Asimov.
You really thought Iíd let you fly to Mars,
voyage so far beyond the earthís own moon?
Allow your ship access to further stars,
ítil youíre hidden like a sandworm in Dune?
Frak that. Iím asking you to be my wife,
even if itís only in Second Life.

Jessy Randall

If you have any thoughts on this poem,  Jessy Randall would be pleased to hear them.