Security has been tightened accordingly
Nobody knew what to think that day
when the slogan appeared on the cliff.
Consultants were stumped.  Speculation raged
through bus-stops and taxi-ranks. 
It certainly was a situation.
Some of us felt we remembered
something; that it wasn’t the first time we’d seen
the same thick yellow letters.  But additional resources
helped clarify matters; and, to be honest,
it was a relief to get back to normal,
with people going about their lawful business
and the Board reporting a thoroughgoing success
with only minor mop-up issues to resolve.
But then they’re saying there’s more to it than that.
Well, it’s always a possibility, I suppose.  They say
there’s some trouble with painting it out; that no matter
what they try the slogan just keeps coming back.
And there are whispers of spats
at the highest levels.
I’ll take it all with a pinch of salt, I think,
until somebody tells us what the soldiers are for.

Mark Ryan Smith

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Mark Ryan Smith would be pleased to hear them.