Milton and daughters
The Blind Milton Dictating Paradise Lost to His Daughters (1877) by Mihály Munkácsy.
The painting is in the New York Public Library.

After Slumber
No decent daughter was supposed to mind
   Such daily service. How could she refuse
   To write down all the lines her father’s muse
   Had given him the night before? Inclined
Above a manuscript, she seems resigned
   To duty as grand poetry ensues.
   Her older sisters later would accuse
   The man of tyranny, yet they were blind
In their own ways. Was any female then
   The equal of a male? One sister stands
   A little nervously, the other wields
Some sort of needle rather than a pen,
   But it is head-bowed Milton who commands
   Attention and whose focus never yields.

Jane Blanchard

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Jane Blanchard  would be pleased to hear them.