(the first two lines are by “Michael Field”)
They bring me gifts, they honour me,
Now I am growing old:
In spite of all the bonhomie
The gifts are growing mould.
It is true beyond all doubt
All that you most care about
Are but fleeting specks of dust
Disappearing as they must.
Gesture Politics
I doubt if Theresa May is able
To govern in ways strong and stable
For though the door is shut of course
There never was an actual horse.
Fragile Bubble
Has there ever been more danger?
Could the world be any stranger?
It is now a fragile bubble
Full of every kind of trouble.

Laura’s Eyes
I see the world in Laura’s eyes
Reduced to microscopic size
Yet every detail is in place
Within the beauty of her face.
Breathe While You Can
When the fire of life departs
All your physic, all your arts
Cannot summon life from death
So enjoy what’s left of breath.
If the other side had been
Once upon a time more green
Everyone from over town
Would have quickly turned it brown.
Avoiding the Net
There are moments when I wish
That I had been born a fish
Then I simply could forget
All about the internet.

 Andrew Belsey

If you have any thoughts on these poems,  Andrew Belsey  would be pleased to hear them.