Snow in Lent

It snowed as in a novel,
as in my youth.

It snowed till London looked as white
as truth.

I marvelled at the Christmas card

It snowed, and in the countryside
lambs died.


Pandora’s Box

I opened up Pandora’s box
and found a can of worms –
on such a sticky wicket, one
could get one’s fingers burned –
so mix me a wicked metaphor
(shaken, never stirred)
while I duck below the parapet
with an in-hand bird.


Edward Lear on Corfu
Edward Lear: Painting of Corfu

There was an odd man on Corfu
who spent years depicting the view.
When they cried That’s enough!
he replied Don’t talk stuff
and nonsense, I’m not half the way through.

Edward Lear

Tom Vaughan

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