When You're Somewhere Else

I woke up and called you but you were nowhere near
  so I raked all through me records finding songs so you'd appear.
See I couldn't face the launderette and I couldn't face the day
  or any consequences so I looked the the other way.
And I couldn't see for looking and I couldn't pay me rent
  and I couldn't do a bunk cos I'd just gone and sold me tent.
And I couldn't read me future through me sticky cider can
  but I do know you're my Spidergirl and I'm no Spiderman.
And I tried to be constructive and I tried to lick me wounds
  so I smoked another cigarette and listened to me tunes.
But it all got fuckin hopeless so I tried to ring your phone
 but I didn't have the credit and I couldn't get a loan.
And I couldn't lay remembering cos it drove me to the brink
  and I couldn't wait 'til Friday so I had another drink.
And I saw you out the window but you couldn't hear me cries
  and I saw you on the landing and when I closed me eyes.
And I felt you brush against me like you had that time before
  and I felt you breathe beside me and I heard you lock the door.
And I said "You have to come now, I can't go another day"
  then I saw you on the telly you were eating Special K.
And I couldn't read the paper and I couldn't eat a thing
  or locate my surroundings cos that mobile wouldn't ring.
And I listened to the sirens as they ripped the night apart
  and I listened to the music and I listened to me heart.
And I listened to the melodies and everything they said
  and they all swam through me senses as you swam through me head.
And I couldn't help but wonder and I couldn't feel to touch
 and I only knew the one truth - 'I love you so fuckin much'.
And the night closed all around me so I clung on to your name
  and I wondered how I'd get to you if the vampires came.
And your gentle, loving beauty kept me warm all through the night
  I could feel your hand upon me as I waited for the light.

R.J. Middleton

If you have any thoughts on this poem, R.J.Middleton   would be pleased to hear them.